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Silviculture is the theory and practice of managing a forest to maintain and enhance its productivity based upon the objectives of its owner and the ecological capabilities of the land. Forest regeneration includes practices such as changes in tree plant density through human-assisted natural regeneration, enrichment planting, reduced grazing of forested savannas, and changes in tree provenances/genetics or tree species. "Human-assisted natural regeneration" means establishment of a forest age class from natural seeding or sprouting after harvesting through selection cutting, shelter (or seed-tree) harvest, soil preparation, or restricting the size of a clear-cut stand to secure natural regeneration from surrounding trees. "Enrichment planting" means increasing the planting density (i.e., the numbers of plants per hectare) in an already growing forest stand."

Major components of Silviculture are:

  • Silviculture of Indian Trees
  • Regeneration and establishment of improved quality stands
  • Stand Growth Modeling
  • Biomass estimation and Carbon density/stoc